Three Tips For Encouraging Phone-Free Driving

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If you have a teenager who is just learning to drive, you want to be sure that you encourage good driving behavior. Not only will this reduce the chance of your child being involved in a car accident, but it will also prevent them from possibly being involved in a serious legal case involving a car accident they may have been responsible for. One reason people find themselves in trouble is because of using their phone while driving. Here are three tips to help you encourage your child to be phone-free while driving:

  1. Be Phone-Free Yourself: First off, you should be driving completely phone-free in order to set an example for your child. If you really need to use your phone during your drive, it's best to pull over before using it. Not only does this provide a clear example of how driving with a cell phone should be, but it's also safer for yourself and your passengers. If you are not phone-free yourself, not only does it encourage improper driving behavior, but it can also get you into legal trouble, as well if you are distracted while driving and happen to cause an accident. 
  2. Print Out Directions: Most likely, your child may have a difficult time knowing where they need to go since they are new to driving. For this reason, it's best to go over directions with them before they leave the house, this way they don't have to rely on their phone for directions, which can sometimes be distracting. If your child really needs to use a GPS, consider getting a phone holder so they can easily see the directions without having to touch or hold their phone. 
  3. Tell Your Child of the Dangers: Finally, you need to be sure to talk with your child about the dangers. For example, if they are texting while driving and they get in an accident, they will likely be held responsible for the entire accident. This can lead to your child having higher insurance rates and possibly facing jail time or losing their license. When your child understands the dangers, they are more likely to avoid the possibility of losing their new freedom that comes with having a driver's license. 

When you consider these three tips, preparing your child to become a safe driver will ensure that your child is less likely to be involved in legal problems because of a car accident. 

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