Your Next Moves After Slipping And Falling In A Favorite Store

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Shopping in a favorite retail store can often be an enjoyable experience, but slipping on a slick surface, falling and hitting yourself on something in the store is not. In fact, your injuries may be more serious than a small bruise and you might seriously consider a lawsuit. If you have never sued anyone before, you've got to be aware of the following information before you get started.

See Your Doctor

One of the most important things to do when you've fallen in your favorite store is to see a medical care provider. This is especially important if your head was knocked about; concussions can often seem harmless at first, only to worsen in the days that follow. Your doctor can perform tests to see whether you're okay to be at home. Not only that, but a physician's attention can often be instrumental in proving that you are honest about the effects of your fall.

Get an Attorney

A lawyer that has worked on multiple slip and fall suits is the person you need to speak with next. One reason it's important to retain your slip and fall attorney right away is that they can get the retail store to deliver any recordings they have of you at their store before the recordings are deleted. They can get to work finding any witnesses to what happened. Perhaps most importantly, they can let you know whether you've got sufficient reason to be bringing a suit to a court and alert you to deadlines that affect when you file. This legal assistance can be vital to the outcome of the situation.

Create a Memory File

You oughtn't let too much time pass before you start keeping a record of your memory of what happened. It's natural that you won't recall every minute detail, but being able to give a clear account when asked about it is important. Use a "memory file folder" and keep notes about everything you're able to recollect about the happenings on the day of your accident. Whenever a relevant memory pops into your mind, take note and put it in the file.

Avoid the Store

Whatever you do, don't head back to the store, even if it's your favorite, until the legal situation has been completed. A visit may spark an argument with staff or other events that could hurt your claim. You should also attempt to avoid mentioning the store, especially on social media.

Your incident may be difficult to recover from, but your legal claim doesn't have to be if you use these pointers. Discuss your concerns with your attorney so they can guide you further.