4 Babies At Risk Of A Birth Injury

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Birth injuries are injuries that occur during the process of labor and delivery and become a serious matter if it's discovered that the injury could have been prevented by a non-negligent nurse or doctor. A doctor or nurse made aware of what babies are at higher risk of injury will know what needs to be done to prevent them. When you know if your baby might be at risk, you can also be sure that you are working with your doctor to prevent them. Here are four babies that are generally at a higher risk of injury:

  1. Premature: If your baby must be delivered as a premature baby, there is a higher risk of injury. This is because, at this stage, their organs are not fully developed enough to function on their own. Many times, they suffer from jaundice, as well, which can be a serious problem if not treated right away. If you are going into labor premature, you should definitely be sure that the doctor is looking into and addressing all of these concerns. 
  2. Large Babies: Another concern is a baby being born over 9 pounds. These are considered large babies and are at a higher risk for injury, as well. This includes becoming stuck during delivery. In these instances, special tools may need to be used, which can cause injury to baby and mom if not used correctly. In some cases, a c-section is advised if it's discovered that baby is going to be born large. 
  3. Assisted Birth: An assisted birth is one that might be needed if the process of labor becomes delayed. This can sometimes happen because of the epidural effects. In these situations, the assistant to the doctor inside of the room will have to help move baby, which can cause injury. However, assistants and doctors are trained in these situations to help prevent injury as best as they can. 
  4. Difficult Labor: If you are having a difficult labor that is being prolonged, there is a higher chance of injury. There needs to be extensive monitoring of the baby's vital signs at this point to ensure that baby does not become overwhelmed during the process and proper methods need to be taken to help move labor along. This sometimes means going into an emergency c-section.

If you believe that any of these above risks are the cause of your child's birth injury, it's a good idea to talk with a birth injury lawyer to determine whether or not you have a case on your hands. Contact a medical center like Snyder & Wenner, P.C. for more information and assistance.