Four Tips For Recovering From A Workers' Comp Injury

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If you have sustained an injury on the job and pursued a workers compensation claim, you are going to want to ensure that you are getting the full advantage of it by taking the right amount of time off work without feeling pressured to return. In some situations, employers may ask that you return to work on a certain date, but if you are still recovering, you have the right to continue with that process. Here are four tips to help you handle recovering after a workers' comp injury:

  1. Don't Go Back Until You Are Ready: Perhaps the most straightforward tip to follow is waiting until you know you are ready to return. However, just because you feel ready, you should still consult with your doctor beforehand. Your doctor will know based on your own examinations whether or not you feeling ready truly means that you are ready to return.  Most likely, when you feel ready, your doctor will find that this is the case, though. 
  2. Ask for Restrictions from Certain Tasks: If you are ready to go back to work, but you know there will be certain tasks that you are not ready to take on, ask your doctor for a restriction note. This way, you can exempt yourself from certain things, such as heavy lifting. Of course, if this is all your job requires, then it's probably best to wait until you are able to perform these tasks again. 
  3. Understand the 28 Day Rule: In workers compensation cases, there is what is known as the 28-day rule. This means that if you return to work but find that you have to be taken out again because of the injury within those first 28 days back, then you can do so while still receiving compensation from your workers' compensation claim. 
  4. Communicate Respectfully With Your Employer: When you are out of work recovering and your employer contacts you, you should be communicating with them about what is going on with your recovery in a respectful way. If you are feeling any pressure at all from your employer to return when you aren't ready, talk with workers' compensation lawyers first about how to handle the situation before anything gets taken out of hand that can complicate matters. 

When you consider these four tips for removing from workers compensation, you can be sure that you recover without feeling pressure and knowing that you are doing the right thing.