Your Car Crash: Avoiding Self-Sabotage

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A vehicle crash can set you on a path that needs to be carefully traveled. In fact, you could worsen the situation without realizing. Some self-sabotaging actions are listed down below; avoid them.

Not Contacting Police at All

If everyone seems okay and both drivers are able to amicably exchange their details, driving home probably seems appropriate. The truth, however, is that a call to local police authorities is always important. You need their protection so that the collision is reported and you've got proof it happened. This is essential because the other driver could be dishonest about their insurance policy information and actions; without a police account, you could have real trouble proving the crash happened the way you say.

In addition to documenting the event, a police report ensures that even if you forget something about the day which could be important, information has been recorded by a professional who asks relevant questions to draw out vital details.

Waiting to Reach Insurance Provider

Some don't realize that calling the insurance company before leaving the collision scene is a smart move. However, contacting them immediately can help expedite your claim because you can ensure you're proceeding as they would recommend. The best time for contact is right after you've called local police or 911 and have checked yourself and others for any injuries. If you didn't call the insurance carrier at that time, do so quickly.

Avoiding Doctors

Hoping to not incur medical bills, you may be leaning toward avoiding medical care after the crash. You might have scrapes or cuts and figure you'll care for them alone. Unfortunately, this can be detrimental to your overall health and bad for claims and lawsuits. Concussion symptoms might not even start to develop until days after collisions, and without a medical opinion, any claims about injuries can fall flat. Seek medical care.

Sharing Too Much

After a harrowing crash, you might share everything with friends and strangers through your social media profiles. Posting random details seems harmless, but insurance companies routinely ask investigators for assistance as they verify and approve claims. If you make online statements that conflict with your official statements to them, there could be a delay or halt to claim processing. Protect yourself and only share with close relatives and friends.

Your own actions in the aftermath of a vehicle crash are important. Act carefully and work in partnership with the car accident attorney you've retained to prevent sabotage altogether. For more information, contact companies like Alexander Law Group.