How To Tell If Your Elderly Parents Are Being Mistreated In A Nursing Home

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It is possible that your parents have been living in a nursing home due to the fact that they are no longer able to care for themselves. The type of care they need may make it impossible for you to care for them in your own home so they are now living where they will get around-the-clock care. How can you tell if they are being treated properly and are not being abused there? There are stories almost every day of elderly residents suffering abuse within nursing homes. There are signs to look for.

Physical Signs

If your parents are being physically abused you can look for any unexplained injuries like bruises, scars, cuts or welts. They may also have broken bones or sprains. They might have been restrained in their bed or chair so look for signs of rope marks or strap marks on their wrists or ankles. You might also see that their eyeglasses are broken or cracked and the caregiver who is abusing them might not leave you alone with them.

Emotional Signs

It's possible your parents are being emotionally abused and this can be harder to find the signs for. They may display some of these signs if they are being physically abused as well. You might notice the caregiver threatening them, putting them down and overall controlling their behavior and movements. If you know for sure your parent does not have a mental illness or dementia but you find that they are withdrawn, sullen or that they will sit and rock or talk to themselves and not to you, they could be being abused.

Signs of Neglect

If your parent is being neglected you will see signs of weight loss or malnutrition, they could have untreated cuts or bed sores, their bedding is soiled and clothes are unclean and they are not being washed on a regular basis so they are dirty. They may be left alone for long periods of time in public or in their room. And even the overall home might appear unsafe with no heat or cooling and faulty electrical wiring.

Financial Signs

There are times that elders are exploited for their money and they may not realize it. The signs to look for can include large withdrawals from their bank accounts that you know they didn't make. You notice that their entire financial situation has changed, they have far less money then they used to, yet they never go shopping. You might notice that personal items or money is missing from their room and that they have unpaid bills. You should also look for changes in power of attorney or wills, along with house titles and other legal matters.

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