3 Misconceptions About Injury Lawsuits

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If you are preparing to file a lawsuit for your injury, you may have misconceptions about what is going to happen throughout the process. Movies, TV shows, and commercials have given everyone unrealistic expectations. Here is the truth behind three of those misconceptions.

Misconception 1: Your Settlement Will Be Huge

One misconception is about how much you can receive through an injury lawsuit, and that the amount you win will be enough to make your life easier. The truth is that you won't be winning a million dollars just because you were injured, unless your case involves major negligence with your specific situation.

You can expect the settlement to be realistic, since it will reflect your direct losses regarding the injury. You'll be covered for past and future medical bills, lost wages from time off of work to recover, and potential pain and suffering if there was negligence. For example, a car accident where the other driver was drinking would have more negligence than if the driver was not drinking.

Misconception 2: You'll Take Your Case to Court

Many people picture having their day in court, where they are given the opportunity to present their case to a judge or a jury, and have them rule in your favor over the defendant. Be aware that many cases never go to court and are actually settled in mediation. This is more ideal than taking a case to court for several reasons.

First of all, you lose control of your settlement when it goes to court. Mediation gives you the power to negotiate with the other party, using court as a threat if you are not happy with what the other party will not agree to. You will actually have a say in what you receive. Second, you can lose everything if you go to court. You are giving a judge or jury the responsibility to decide who is responsible in your case, as well as determine your compensation. Third, going to court is expensive and can cost you more money that will only come out of your compensation.

Misconception 3: You'll Always Pay the Legal Fees

Many people are afraid of filing an injury lawsuit because they are worried about paying money to a lawyer if they lose. Many injury lawyers will only require a payment if they win your case, meaning that there is no risk to you financially. This is known as paying on a contingency basis, which is usually based on a percentage of your compensation or a specific dollar amount.

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