The Consequences Of Doctors Failing To Detect Fetal Distress

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If you recently had a baby that was born with a serious health problem, you might have a medical malpractice lawsuit on your hands. A baby that is born with health problems may have these problems due to a failure to detect fetal distress. Fetal distress is a serious issue during pregnancy, and it can result in major problems with a child if left undiagnosed and treated. If you believe your doctor failed to detect fetal distress, and that your baby is now suffering because of it, you may want to talk to a lawyer.

What is Fetal Distress?

Fetal distress is a term used by doctors to refer to complications that occur when a woman is pregnant. These complications are not always easy to spot during a pregnancy; however, there are a lot of signs doctors typically look for, simply to make sure that the unborn child is safe inside the womb.

What Steps Do Doctors Take to Look for the Signs?

Most OBGYNs will take a variety of steps to look for signs of fetal distress during pregnancies, especially for women who are considered high-risk patients for this. Some of the tests may include attaching a fetal monitoring system to a pregnant woman to watch and listen to the baby's heartbeat and heart rhythm. Doctors will also perform other tests to watch for signs of problems.

How is Fetal Distress Treated?

When a doctor sees the signs of fetal distress, he or she must act quickly to ensure that the baby and mother both are safe. To do this, the doctor might require extra monitoring and tests. The doctor might also recommend an emergency c-section if the symptoms are severe. Fetal distress is not something that should be ignored, as it can cause health problems for the baby.

What Health Problems Could This Cause?

If fetal distress is not diagnosed or treated, the baby could be born with a variety of different health problems. This can include brain damage, cerebral palsy, and developmental delays of many kinds. In some cases, failure to treat fetal distress will result in the death of the child.

If you believe that you suffered from fetal distress but that the doctor did not catch it, you might have a case on your hands if your baby was born with a major health problem. To find out, you should schedule a visit with a medical malpractice attorney services near you today.