Do You Need A Lawyer For Your Dog Bite Injury?

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When you get bitten by a dog, the first thing you often feel is fear, then pain, then anger. You may feel like you need to sue for your injuries, but sometimes this isn't the best decision. However, getting the advice from a lawyer who specializes in dog bites is always a great idea. Do you need a lawyer for your dog bite injury? Use this guide to assist you.

You have medical bills

A dog bite that is mild or doesn't break the skin usually doesn't require medical care. Sometimes a dog does more of a warning snap than an actual bite and medical attention isn't all-too important. However, if you have medical bills due to the injury, be it just getting a checkup to make sure the bite isn't infected or having to get stitches or even repairing surgery or rehabilitation, then you need to be compensated for your experience. You should get a lawyer to see if you can get the dog's owner to pay for the medical bills you have.

You have a disagreement with the dog's owner

Is the dog's owner trying to claim that you are the one at fault for the injury you have? Are you having a problem convincing the owner of the dog to keep their pet restrained so they cannot injure you or your family members again? Have you had issues with the same dog or their owner in the past? If you have a disagreement with the dog's owner then you need legal counsel to help you create a case or mediate your way through recovery.

You have the police involved

Did you report the dog bite injury to the police and now the dog's owner is unhappy with you or threatening revenge on you, your pets, or your property? Did the police do an investigation that can somehow put you in danger of being held negligent in the incident that occurred? Was your own dog involved in the dog bite injury and you worry about the welfare of your pet?

Anytime the law gets involved in your case, it's in your best interest to hire a lawyer to help you navigate your way through the legalities of the whole experience. You don't have to talk to the cops directly; simply tell the police you wish to speak with your lawyer and then hire a dog bite attorney to assist you in your situation. Visit us for more information.