The Insurance Company Doesn't Want You To Hire A Car Accident Lawyer: Here Is Why

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You can claim compensation when you are injured in an auto accident that resulted from another party's negligence. This compensation helps in covering incurred losses, including medical care and car repair expenses. You can file the claim yourself or hire an auto accident lawyer to help you through the claim process. However, most insurance companies will prefer it when you file the claim alone to ensure their interest. Read on to find out why.

Your Lawyer Will Calculate the Accurate Compensation Amount

Without the proper experience when filing claims, you may not know the amount you are entitled to for your injuries. Though you can use tools like a personal injury settlement calculator for your claim, these tools only give you a rough estimation of how much compensation to expect. That said, your car accident lawyer knows how to calculate the compensation amount accurately. They know how to translate your pain into monetary value and which injuries equate to more compensation. So, you need an experienced lawyer if you want to get the ideal amount from the insurance company.

Your Lawyer Will Protect You from Tricky Insurance Tactics

Your insurance adjuster may ask you to provide some information that they can use against you to lower your claim. For instance, if the insurance company tricks you into admitting you were in a hurry on the day of the accident, they can allege that you were speeding and are partly to blame for the crash. An accident lawyer knows all the tactics used to lower claims and will advise you accordingly to protect you from such tricks. They are there to ensure you do not say or do anything that could affect your compensation claim.

Your Lawyer Understands the Legal Process

If you file a court case to get your compensation, you may experience challenges understanding the court procedures. But a seasoned auto accident lawyer will help you compile all the necessary forms and advise on whether you need to give a statement or not. The lawyer will also ensure you speed up the claim process by filing everything at the right time. Moreover, the law practitioners will also ensure they protect and stop the insurance company from using legal technicalities to block your case.

These are the top reasons insurance companies favor working with you without an accident lawyer present when filing your claim. However, you should get ahead of the situation and hire a lawyer immediately after the accident. That way, you get the upper hand and are not forced to settle for minimal compensation. Contact an auto accident attorney for more information.