Two Questions About Accidents While Using A Rideshare Services

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Were you a passenger in a rideshare vehicle that was involved in a major accident? If so, you may have questions about this unique injury situation.

Does It Matter If Your Driver Is At Fault?

When it comes to a normal car accident where you are the driver, how insurance is used will depend on who caused the accident. When the accident is due to another driver, you use their insurance to help cover the damages. When you are the responsible driver, then you use your own insurance. 

Things are a bit different when you are a passenger in a rideshare vehicle. Rather than use either driver's insurance policy, the rideshare service will have its own insurance policy that you will use. Their coverage limits are typically very high with these policies because they want to make sure that passengers are covered.

However, know that using a ride share's insurance is not going to be easy. Always keep in mind that they are a business with the goal to save as much money as possible, and the same will apply to injury claims. This is why many people bring in a lawyer to help them settle their case. Unlike personal insurance policies where the money may not be there within their coverage limits, rideshare companies do have the money for big payouts due to personal injuries. 

What Do You Do After An Accident? 

Just like with any accident, you'll want to evaluate yourself to determine how injured you are. You may need immediate medical attention and have to go to an emergency room to have your injuries treated.

If you are able to do so, take photos and videos of the vehicles after the accident. Since you won't easily have access to the vehicles later on, documenting the state that the vehicles are in now is going to be your best shot and gathering evidence to back up the seriousness of your claim. 

You'll also use the rideshare app to notify the main company as soon as possible. There will likely be a button you can press within the current ride information to report an accident, which ties it to the driver you are with at the moment. 

The rideshare provider will likely reach out to you as soon as possible to take a statement about the accident. Be aware that they are going to be recording your every word since their goal is to minimize your claim. Be very careful about what you say, and you may even want to wait to speak with a lawyer before you answer their questions. 

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