Cases A Personal Injury Lawyer Can Handle

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Personal injury lawyers are the go-to experts when seeking justice or compensation after severe injuries. So, if your life has been affected after an accident, you can ask a personal injury lawyer to pursue legal action. But what kind of injury cases does personal injury law cover? Well, here are a couple of cases you can take to your lawyer.

Motor Vehicle Accidents 

Road accidents make up a massive chunk of cases that fall under personal injury law. So, if you ever get hurt in an accident that involves cars, buses, trucks, bicycles, or motorcycles, don't hesitate to consult with a personal injury lawyer.

Before calling the lawyer, you should take pictures and any relevant evidence from the crash site. Your lawyer will use the evidence to build a strong case against the defendant and the insurance company.

Medical Malpractice

Everyone believes they are safe at the hands of doctors until medical malpractice happens. Unfortunately, most victims of medical malpractice don't know what to do. They'll just let the case slide and continue living with their injuries. 

For your information, you can sue surgeons, doctors, nurses, dentists, radiologists, anesthesiologists, physical therapists, and other professionals for medical malpractice. Medical malpractice cases may include negligent surgeries, wrong diagnosis, birth injuries, improper dosage, premature discharge, wrong site surgery, and misreading laboratory results.

Dog Bites

The victim of a dog bite has to understand how serious it is and when to seek emergency medical care. Don't just rush to the hospital and have the wounds treated. It's important to involve a personal injury lawyer as they'll help you get justice. For your information, some dog bites can cause more harm than you can imagine. Moreover, severe dog bites are quite expensive to treat. So, if the dog owner was in the wrong, they should be held responsible and compensate you for the injuries.

Defective Products

Some companies will sell defective products to unsuspecting buyers; they might be expired or substandard. Such products can harm you or make you sick. That's why companies are required to label their products well. Manufacturers should inform people about side effects and potential problems associated with using the product. 

But if you fail to do that, a personal injury lawyer can sue your company for any harm that might happen to consumers.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Do you know you can sue your employer or landlord for a slip and fall accident? Well, your landlord or boss must ensure that the premises are safe for everyone. So, if the floors are slippery or there are glaring hazards, the at-fault parties should be held responsible.

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